Sobre mim

Firstly, I am graduate in a technological degree in Internet Systems on Instituto Federal do Tocantins. My background includes development of web and mobile systems, but I chose to develop the lines of infrastructure servers and network-oriented programming.

Secondly, I am a person who read and study any subject, in any area of knowledge, from Pedagogy to Biotechnology. Some call me out-of-focus, but I, actually, consider myself a Jack of All Trades (and Master of None). It gives me a perspective view of a lot of things and gives me a more macro view of things that I develop.

Among my hobbies, the primary is playing video games. I especially like real-time strategy (RTS) and first-person shooter (FPS) games. I love photography and am currently learning “Libras” (sign language).

Find me on the internet is easy. There are my profiles on Facebook and Twitter (that I don’t update for some time) and my portfolios in Lattes and LinkedIn. There is also my Google+ but is even rarer in there that on Twitter. And, of course, my Github profile.


Lately I have given focus on a project for implementing data structures in C and, before you tell me that there are already 123,987 implementations out there, I say that my approach is to write a easily understood didactic library rather than being focused on optimized code. You can check out the project page in Libadt.

Another project that started recently was to create a structure using operating system pipes and some structures in C, in order to simulate logic circuits. The project is in Logicshell repository.

And, for the sake of the din, the fun and the mess, I create a repository where anyone can send a pull request and I will accept it, provided it is not anything illegal. You can check it on Everything repository. Feel free to send your contribution!


Despite being an amateur photographer who have little time to devote to art, whenever I can I’m capturing any image, whether using the phone or my main camera (Nikon D3200). I love to explore perspectives and color enhancements in natural scenes, architectural or with few people. My focus is always on location, and like to build scenes that tell a story.

My photos can be found on my Instagram and on my profile at 500px.

Help and Friends

I would not be here if it were not for these important people in my life, such as my husband Tiw Brás Rolim (@TiwBras), my friends Diego Gordolete (@diego-bevilaqua86), Rondinelli Fortalesa (@contatocelestial) and Ítalo Lopes (@Run_Time from the old good times of IRC), and several other people who have always offered me support, both professionally and personally. You are my rarest and best friends that I will bring for life!

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